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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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generally but to near 50 degrees and high clouds will continue to filter in partly sunny south bay and clouds are in place 40s on the temperatures 40 in livermore and now 43 but san jose 43 here fso san france, both at 43 degrees, this system is very weak and it will spring in a lot of clouds and some very light rain and it will probably just drizzle, it is a little bit warmer but it will hold things in check, a lot to low 60s here is sal. we have a distract under driver who lost control of her car and ended up in a crash eastbound north of newark. it is now up on a tow truck and the driver told chp that she
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temporarily lost concentration because she was looking down at her phone and this is distracted driving awareness month and this is what the nation is trying to avoid, the national safety council is trying to be especially aware of this the entire month of april done use your device, but pull over. this is a look at 880 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze, that are no major -- there are no meant problems and we have been looking being at traffic and you can see the icon and the rest of the drive you can see a lot of green here and things are looking good, you can see the icon which means a lot of roadwork and it is just a couple of keeps here. 501 let's go back to the desk.
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the case of a teen who was stabbed to death by a homeless man. they admit none of them did the actual killing and we have details and tell us about today's court appearance, janine? >> reporter: yes, a homeless man who used to live here is the man who stabbed the teenage boy last month. the boy and the group he was hanging out with attacked him and now that group is being pinned for murder. prosecutors are charging him with the unintended murder of their friend. the d.a.'s office including diaz killed him. but authorities determined it was self-defense and now prosecutors are using what they
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called the provocative act doctrine to charge him with his friend and that means a person can be guilty even if they didn't commit the murder but their actions charged a third- party to kill. >> they are really educated on the law and they are hold these five account and for what they did. >> the five who have been arrested range in hang age from 15 to 20 years old. they will be in court today and those two are 17 years old and they will be charged as adults in addition to the murder they will be charged and all include gang enhancement. janine vague vague -- janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are out there searching this morning for a frighten being home invasion. this happened yesterday afternoon in broad daylight on
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done vend drive. the victim blind folded him and then pepper sprayed him. the two men ransacked the house and the victim was not seriously hurt and there are no details on whether anybody was stolen. he is deciding if he can be released on bail. ithe is accused of collecting campaign contribution in exchange for political favors and is he also in a murder for higher plot. they call him a one man crime wave and should not be released from us -- custody and should have been known as raymond
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shrimp boy. now ciao is set to appear in court and he is accused of a number of crimes including money laundering and drug trafficking. legal legal is representing testimony gun trafficking charges and the suspended state senator was first represented by him when leyland yee was first arrested and then freed on bond. a former prosecutor is now in private practice and it was his decision and there was no conflict and he will be due back in court next friday. they are on alert because of this case. reportedly they are worried about gang violence fearing a power grab after raymond shrimp boy ciao was arrested..
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>> it is about power they charge now. >> they are keeping violence under control within the right winged place. they are scheduled to learn his fate today. byron williams faces a life in prison after being convicted on premeditated of a peace officer the a.c.l.u., he was stopped by officers on interstate 580 back in 2010. williams opened fire leading to a shootout that lasted 12 minutes. one person is dead after being lit on a freeway which happened near the great america freeway.
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then a color reported hitting that person and the investigation continues. time now a dirt tie invasion in parts of san francisco and it's becoming a major problem. the problem n-rats. they were first seen in market area and now they are taking over a construction sight in north beach. they are telling us what city officials plan to do about this. well, i pointed out, we are looking for a rots pause this is the or the rats like to come out and they looked like cats fighting across the street. we did get some video and let's take a look at this right now. this is the heart of north beach and take a look at these guys going at it here. they have seen as many as two
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dozen rats security across the park and offly you are not supposed to go anywhere, later they were spotted and apparently they come out into the only because construction of the new subway systems and now are are moverring and he witnessed a pack sending tourists running and screamings out of the park. they have sent city and we are end counted to call 911 and we
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will get a live person to be ache end care of and leap let corpus christi ktvu channel 2 morning ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. he is trying to recover. a van belonging to them has been kept locked up and the thieves also crashed through a sign, the program holds extremely disadvantaged people. >> they are low income with disadvantaged disabilities and they are really taking a lot from us. lie whence plate 407.
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s. they say they do have insurance but it is not enough to cover the cost of a new van. olympic athletes including paulina he had mops. she is are cell phone and he is congratulateing them them of their games. the items delivered on the plane purchase take off which is now the focus of investigators. we are now hearing from a man who was lost for two nights in freezing conditions. testimony. good morning, we are
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. 513, former firefighter is is accused of driving drunk and we want to show you
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surveillance video from last june when michael quinn is accused of driving a fire department vehicle. after the crash he was seen on surveillance video drinking nine glasses of water at a nearby bar. the 43-year-old was indicted on three felonies in connection with the crash. time now 5:13 we are learning about disappointing police department recruitment numbers. they are using using qualified recruits in addition to two cadets, and pay cuts and low recruitment numbers, we ared a disslamming other than pay your benefits. >> now the city of san jose
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disagree about measure b which created a two tier system giving new benefits to new employees. they changed some rest benefits to make it easier for the police department to higher new recruits they will allow local governments to cut the cost the and retirement benefits is for cities and counties all over the state to cut services and mayor reid will speak at a press cub luncheon. they are putting it in and the oakland police beat found more than 430 excessive force
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lawsuits since so many stay dollars and since more are not commenting on the findings. the senate intelligence committee is declassifying on interrogations of terrorism suspects. they found water boarding and controversial technical nexts did not play a key role. they distribute many of the all facings and they are disputing this in congress. new information about the missing airlines' jet. the focus is now turning to the food and cargo on that plane. the they are questioning if the food is there and they may never know why this plane
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vanished more than three weeks ago over the indian ocean. in the meantime senator chuck hagel met with the defense minister talking about how to improve the search effort. the need must be cooperated. families complained about poor communication and the search effort. they have provided high tech equipment that are geared to finding that black box recorder. and against russia's space program. nassau workers will no longer be allowed to host visits from their counterparts and they cannot hold them and the u.s. relies on the shuttle program to get supplies from the
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international spacing station and they are activities will be unaffected. you can get anybody a chance to go where they want to go. >> we are talking about the distracted driving and it is a chance of distracted driving awareness month and brian flores is trying to get the word out and not to become one of those people who have an unfortunate incident. let's look apt the toll plaza, it is light, it will not stay this way for long but if you like to get up early before everybody else does, it is getting heavy here. we are moving along well and looking at the san jose area via the map system, it is all green and if you watch the show, you can see it is mostly
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red and yellow and this morning, the traffic does look good as you drive through, let's go to steve. >> room hockey game, baseball game and did i tell you it this is good time for or what if well yesterday we had some rain and santa rosa is deal with some fog out there. cloudy skies, more likely drizzle will not -- drizzle will not amount to much, 80 degrees by monday. that is how it works. they are not cold, cold but it will be mostly cloudy and santa clara may get some partly sunny
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skies. san francisco was a little cooler and now temperatures have come up a little bit. there is enough here that will give us an enhancement which will be late tomorrow. 24 up in tahoe and monterey, and you can see a pin in the atmosphere and that may be enough to keep the rain in the forecast. further north cloudy and maybe a little more sun but a cooler morning and clouds continue to roll in very let rain and this is not going to be anything compared to what we just had. everything is a 10th of an inch. patchy low clouds and a little bit warmer inland some mid-to-
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upper 60s would be pushing it because of that cloud cover coming in and we have 65 and san mateo 64. high clouds, mostly cloudy some light rain and it is out of here and then warmer especially sunday and monday. thank you. they plan on having a salesman and testimony and they say it needs more business as this retail business continues to grow. they will be here and the company plans to hiring 62 people and 35 in pleasanton and san ramon and in south san jose. and on the windows foes, it
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is the upper active search products and it makes it more personal every time you use it. it is done by the voice of the woman who does the halo video game. >> i am not familiar withp that i have to admit. another big actor of and we are not get ago look at hundreds of homes. scientists think they know how their theories may affect your wardrobe. [doorbell rings]
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. welcome back medical exam they ares are -- exam they ares are struggling and they are trying to match remains and crews recovered the remains of a man with gold teeth and they can't figure out his age and they will not be able to use dna analysis. president barack obama has declared a major disaster pause
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of his problems. it was burned and is now finally back open to the public. that fire burned 77,000 acres and the most popular areas affected was the giant trees grove and the reservoir. even though the restrictions have been lifted they are still telling visitors to come through rock falls and very unstable trees. they finally know how zebras have their findings and researchers at uc davis, e- mails could have their flies. they are worried about bug bites. >> if you are worried about these flies, you involve tribes. >> they found zebras are more
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susceptible to flies because their hair is shorter. wearing striped clothing may help people avoided being bitten by the flies and the clothing could alter their a affectiveness. they made their debute but not on tell -- television. here is the createor of ding concerning of the hill and this idea came from personal experience >> i have been looking at this for a while. i was an engineers and i think this is a strain.
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time now 5:37 we just had 'tack. this is horrible. the situation this morning of the most serious victims plus, what we now know about the victim. we are live in calm is being charged with even though we did not do the actual killing. and in san jose, it looks good coming up on northbound 101. >> after some morning rain, yesterday we had a beautiful afternoon and clouds are on the increase again.
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. well, good morning, we are live in campbell. now just last month a teenager was stabbed to death in this park and as the camera pushes in we can tell you his friends are going to court even though police know they didn't do it. we will tell you about the very strange legal twist they have now facing murder charges for the tee days. it is thursday morning, april 3 april 3rd, i am dave clark.
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>> and i am pam cook. steve paulson, has the rain moved? >> why yes, we do have a lot moving in and the combination will give us a mostly cloudy day, a little more sun further north. still a high cloud deck and temperatures have come up and that that is a sun and any light rain i think the further north more than anybody else, again that would be late tonight and tomorrow. highs today and tomorrow, a few mid-60s to upper, here is sal. we are looking at a commute
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that is look well there are no meaning problems but it will change as we get closer to 6 and the traffic and drive time looks good and as we look at contra costa there is slow traffic on highway four through antioch and it looks good to walnut creek to the venetia bridge. they are suspected of murder and they are among five suspects facing murder charges and even though no of them did the actual killing. joining us now from campbell with more on that story, here is more from campbell. >> reporter: he was arrest of the after he stabbed a man and charges were dropped and he left the bay area and he demo
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but they are now being charged with murder. they were charged with the unintended murder of their friend and the d.a.'s office including diaz attacked todd sharp a homeless man living there. that homeless man fought back stabbing him and as i mentioned, charges were dropped after authorities charged it was self-defense. they are using the provocative act doctrine and this means a person can be guilty even if their actions charged probably and thats where the criminal liability ranges. >> they have been arrested and
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three of the suspects were arraigned but the remaining two will be in court today, they are 17 and they will be charged as adults and in addition to the murder they are charged with assaults all including gang enhancements, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. dickinson police are searching for a -month-old baby where they are expected to see this couple. anybody with information on their whereabouts is asked -- whereabouts is asked to call police. aa runner spent two days in placer county and is now talking about it for the first time. >> i am tired but i feel good, i am very happy to be here.
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>> 55-year-old bob went out for a jog on the trail early sunday morning and after warring at the head of the group and his survival came down to keeping hills cool out in that freezing cold. >> i didn't let myself get too freaked out about it or too scared so if i did i knew i would have to fight that battle in order to get 0 out. >> he finally helped them but otherwise he is in good shape. they will be looking for a new city administrator again. fred blackwell has take an new position on the ceo she
5:37 am
realized a statement saying she is happy for blackwell and quote, this great opportunity for him. >> san francisco mayor ed lee and his wife were treated to more than 9 5,000 and private found dation. they are reported pie sap frap to 2001 again with his wife. and with fort hood at the army base in texas they are trying to figure out why an iraq war veteran would turn on his fellow soldiers. they are knew looking into his behavior issues. he is identified as army specialist ivan lopez.
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he brought a gunshot and killed 15 others before killing and wounding himself. now i talked about a possible shooting at fort hood several years ago. >> as a mom to not be able to get to your kid, yes, it is tearing me up inside and all i want to do is get on base but they will not let us. >> three people of are in critical companies. injuries range from the arms, chest legs, they have not ruled out any motives but they believe it was the the shooting
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of up with man noon eye haven't lopez and i stowed two mops there and he was being treated for other mental and anxiety health issues. doctors had not diagnosed him with postraumatic particular stress disorder but he was being screened for it. nadal mel leak shot and killed 32 others. prosecute -- prosecutors said distracted driving caused a rollover crash on highway 84. police say the female driver went off the road and slammed into a median. she was not seriously hurt but told police she was distracted
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by her phone. well more than 200 law enforcement agencies around the state will be out looking for drivers on their cell phones. april is distracted driving a awareness pacifica many people all over the country were killed in distracted driving in 2012. they are hoping a program called start smart will help teenage drivers the conferences -- consequences and they showed driving tips to and graph am i
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am am -- images. i tie the died and he was driving more than 100-mile-per- hour before that crash. now take a look. it is clearly demonstrating the growing rat problem in san francisco. tara moriarty and photographer if i chip fighter dance and the rats have moved into a new area in san francisco, the rats were spotted in the south of mark kept area and they apparently came into the area due to the subway system and now there is a growing number of sightings. he will hear for a high-speed
5:42 am
chase and how the suspects were captured after run agway from the scene. plus a woman declared dead, put in a morgue freezer but her family said it was a mistake, her injuries proved she was still alive. traffic is moving a long many areas as we look at the approach it is getting busier. as you know, march into april, will it just give us a lot of clouds? good morning nelly! woah.
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. it set off another tsunami warning and came a day after the earthquake killed many people. there havemore pictures now coming out of chile showing the devastation and a state of emergency has been declared on the northern coast. about 25 homes were damaged and the quake could cripple their fishing industry. many boats were damaged and it could take a long time for them to return to normal. many broke out of prison shortly after the quake. they are renewing preparation effort -- renewing preparation efforts in the city of san francisco.
5:46 am
[ sirens ] >> when sirens go off, go inland and uphill as soon as possible. san francisco will unveil a new mobile app informing people on what to do following a natural disaster. the google based site comes after evacuations and they will set up flood scopes outside of the area. they are stirring political unrest in cube what. they had 40,000 followers who didn't know they were backed by the u.s. government and that program ended in 2012 when it ran out of money. we are closely monitoring the story and we will bring you any new developments as we get them into our newsroom. for the first time they
5:47 am
went an entire month without a single death. 2309 died since the war started in october 2001. now the pentagon said casual fist have been dropping as as they shrunk and they are due to end at the end of the year. a lawsuit claim add grandmother froze to death in a hospital morgue freezer and now that case is headed to trial. they appealed that they can now move forward. she was mistakenly declared dead. her bruises she died trying to escape from the freezer. >> this is one of the most
5:48 am
egregious cases you will ever see. this case keeps me awake at night. now the hospital has not commented on the lawsuit and a trial date has not been sell the. a new report suggests driving on california highways should be a smooth one and mercury news is pointing to a caltrans report 5 2,000 miles of state highways at 84% which is up in 2011. local roads getting upgrades include interstate 08, and 880 and 680 in contra costa they also axle it is getting more
5:49 am
crowded as we add some of the pictures you are going to see, if you are just waking up, it is not all that bad, you can still jump ahead of the crowd and get out there so traffic continues to look good when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and you can tell more people are arriving and there is a bit of a backup but it is still from oakland to san francisco. as we look at highway 4, we have slow traffic from antioch and the west of it from grand line road and west pound 5 minutes. a hot of what cloud, a little warmer and that system will
5:50 am
fall apart and as it does, saturday we start to warm up mid-to-upper 70s and then it looks like 80s by monday for some inland areas. clearly, vacaville antioch, a little warmer today, more likely sun to santa clara valley, starting off and a he today. a lot of cloud cover is already in, place and temperatures will continue, i think it will come up a a little and that would not be until tomorrow tonight until we get light drizzle and still a lot going on so after a member, we have had some pretty good
5:51 am
rain here and we will have it clear and cool. light rape and again he 40s on the temperatures towards santa rosa and too much cloud cover and slightly a warmup and mid- level clouds, then it is out of here, sunny and sunshine and sunnyside up and warmer sunday and monday. >> thank you steve. >> they are cutting more than 550 jobs at 6% of the sunnyvale company's workforce. now one of their biggest investors are pressuring them to focus on a thai growth
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businesses. they called fire 2v as well as huller plus and it will show up in stables stores before the end of the month. a new designer drug, what they are doing after a high school student almost died after an overdose. protecting stores from data breaches like the one at target and the big punishment that will keep businesses honest. bulldog: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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helping dogs help people . welcome back, time now 5:54 a group of college students are protesting what happened which left student injured and they want to hear from students who were injured. during the protest demonstrators tried to push their way into an add flip straighttive building. -- into an administrative building. one student was pepper sprayed by police. he claims he request help everybody be protected by hacksers trying to steal your
5:56 am
information. he has recommendations to testify end data -- toughen data security and banning long term storage of customers information. >> they are trying to figure out improvementels in the law that will restore the confidence. now some people worry that even if they are approved businesses will not follow-through and that's why they include a penalty up to $3,000 for every violation included in his proposal. a 75-year-old dog walker has been rescued. it happened during the rain storm on a steep ravine on fire road. rescue crews were able to find the woman by pinning her cell phone. >> i fell down, i don't know where i am at. i have the dogs, i am dizzy and
5:57 am
nauseous come help me. >> she was taken to the hospital with a head injury and somebody came and collected the six dogs she was walking. a woman involved in a crash admitted she was looking at her phone, coming up, the nationwide campaign getting underway targeting distracted drivers. and we caught them in action, a rat problem in popular san francisco neighborhoods, witnesses witnessed it and this is a big construction project that could be the cause. good morning, how do you follow that, they are doing okay if you are driving on 24 and it is getting a little crowded and we will show you what the bay bridge toll plaza is looking like. >> i don't want to rat anybody out for giving away the
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so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. . the crash that happened
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hours ago and the meaning crackdown also taking place. and the second mass shooting at fort hood in less than five years, what we now know about the killer and the three people who are fighting for their lives this morning. we are live in san francisco where rats are becoming a problem in one neighborhood, we will tell you which area, and hear what one neighbor has to say about it. and the leyland yee case has police on high alert in one san francisco neighborhood, the crime worries in the wake of the reason arrests. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave, we have a lot


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